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New Report: Study of Conserved Lands Owned by Nonprofit Organizations

In 2017, the Maine Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (ACF Committee) was authorized to “conduct a study of the financial and nonfinancial aspects of conserved lands owned by nonprofit conservation organizations, including property taxes paid, community benefits realized and value of lands to the State’s economy.” The ACF Committee’s findings are detailed in a new report: Study of Conserved Lands Owned by Nonprofit Organizations.

In the report, all thirteen members of the ACF Committee “recognize that there is need for land trusts as they are providing a service to the people of the State that the government would otherwise have to provide. Nonprofit conservation organizations throughout Maine are private entities that are providing recreational opportunities, such as hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and exploring Maine’s natural beauty. Nonprofit conservation organizations partner with schools and other entities to provide programs for students and senior citizens and also play an important role in protecting water quality and other valuable natural resources. For these reasons, the ACF Committee finds that land trust organizations provide a great value to the people of Maine.”

Read the full report here: Study of Conserved Lands Owned by Nonprofit Organizations

For more information visit or contact:

Jeff Romano, Maine Coast Heritage Trust, 441-9441
Tom Abello, The Nature Conservancy, 406-0230